if you are not seeing this from your website developer or making statements like below about your web developer contact us today!

I have hired many web experts over the last ten years. Michael Giordano is quite easily the best of all. He is is an honest man who provides excellent work at reasonable prices and completes his work in a timely fashion. I cannot recommend any person that has worked for HirePatriots more highly than Michael Giordano.

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what can i expect?

At Spotlight Web Design, we believe in doing the job right the first time. Making that goal a reality starts with our proven process of introducing (and in some cases re-introducing) your business to the online community. Here is what you can expect from US when we are are working with YOU.

meeting to discuss your needs and desires

  • Expect us to come to your local office if you are in Maryland or Delaware, so we can learn about your business firsthand. If you are not local that IS NOT an issue at all, teleconferencing and remote desktop sharing will allow us to meet and feel as though we are in the same room. We have clients located throughout the US.
  • Our initial meeting will allow us to learn about your industry, your needs, and your company.
  • Our goal is to learn your ideas, your likes and dislikes for web design, and to formulate a plan to make that dream happen.
  • If you are not sure about what your “vision” should be, allow our expertise and experience to guide you.

easy to understand contract language

  • Our contracts are straightforward with no fine print and are written in everyday language we can all understand.
  • Spotlight Web Design will create the roadmap for your project with deliverables, phases, and expectations.
  • Should you want to change the project requirements, we firmly believe in contract addendums. As you begin to realize what you website can do versus what it has always done, you will want to add features to make it the enhancement that it should be.
  • A verbal agreement is strong, but we believe signing a contract binds our responsibilities to you and provides measurable milestones for both parties. This eliminates potential misunderstandings and ultimately keeps everyone happy.

flexible payment options

We are a small business ourselves and we know that cash flow can be challenging. Don’t let cash flow limit or stop you from having the web presence you need and want. We will work with you and provide several flexible payment options. Our goal is to provide you with the tools you need to succeed and we will happily work with you to make that happen.


You are the expert in your business, not us. At Spotlight Web Design, we not only value what you have to say, but your communication is essential for us to provide the best possible web site to you. You are treated as our Partner, as we strive to build the web solution that best meets your needs.


Expect Spotlight Web Design to use the most up-to-date technology to efficiently design and maintain your website for you. We will build the best solution to suit your website needs. Our 

project management

Spotlight Web Design has a seasoned project manager who will provide YOU with deliverables and dates. Depending on your budget, we may suggest that you break your larger goal into several smaller phases of one large project. Our team is flexible and will effectively manage your website development regardless of your project size.

content management

The backbone of your website is explaining to the online community who / what your business IS. We can guide you with the content of your website, or even help you write it. Once the site is live, we can update the content for you or provide the flexibility of a content management system (CMS) into an easy to use web based system. No software to buy! As long as you have an internet connection, you will have the freedom to modify or change your page text as often as you like.

As with all great relationships, there is give and take! Here is a short list of what we need from you:

  • Content in a timely manner
  • Images, logos, or other graphic assets we are going to use on the website
  • A strong desire to partner with us as we build your web solution
  • Open communication as we build and review your web solution