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Have you ever been to a restaurant that made you a raving fan because of your experience with them. Did you want to tell everyone about how pleased you were??? Well that’s exactly how we felt about Michael and our project of developing a new website for Apple Discount Drugs. Michael was creative, patient, and listened to what we were looking for. He developed a site and then trained our staff to enable us to keep the site dynamic. The collaboration of ideas and concepts were then put to the task of creating a website that we are proud of. Kudo’s to Michael and his team!!!

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service and maintenance


  • At Spotlight Web Design we believe in keeping ALL costs as low as possible while offering you the best customer service and quality.
  • By using third party hosting services, you will have access to 24/7 support and the best options available.
  • We have a list of our preferred vendors that YOU will pay directly. No Markup! No worry over not controlling your hosting services ever.
  • Spotlight Web Design will work for you and set-up these accounts and ensure you have access to all information. 

domain names:

  • Spotlight Web Design will work with you to set-up and purchase your domain name if you do not already own it. We will make sure that YOU own your domain, not us, and you will have full access to it at all times.
  • No need to worry about “Doing it Right” we will either set up the accounts for you, in YOUR name, or come to your place of business and walk you through the steps needed to make this happen.

web site service, development & maintenance:

  • In an effort to keep your costs down, Spotlight Web Design bills out all web site work consistently.
    • Updates: (Adding images, changing text content, adding .pdf files, adding articles, etc). Spotlight Web Design bills updates at our standard hourly rate, billable in fifteen minute increments. We will invoice you at the end of our billing cycle only for all work completed.
    • New Pages: We bill out a flat rate for any new pages, this includes set-up of the page and adding the content.
    • Database or Advanced Development Work: Any custom work or database work that is expected to take longer than three hours to complete comes with a simple work order. 
    • We will provide you with the maximum time estimate, and only after your approval we move forward with the project.