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I worked closely with Michael in designing and implementing The NEO Fund website (theneofund.org). From the initial planning meeting to the days following our actual go-live date, Michael’s experience and knowledge have been invaluable in making the process painless and seamless. Our process required only 2 face-to-face meetings: initial consultation and a training session towards the end of the project. He maintained open communication throughout with regard to budget so there were no surprises at the end, as I have had with other developers in the past. He worked closely with me to ensure keeping the project on-time. When necessary, he stepped in on multiple occasions to research areas outside his responsibilities (securing payment service merchants, for example), to give me options and flexibility with the final site. When I had questions, his explanations were thorough and easy to understand. I am looking forward to working with him again on my next web development project! 

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responsive web design

What is responsive web design (RWD)? Putting RWD into the simplest of terms it is a standard that website developers use to provide the best viewing experience for users regardless of viewing devices. Technology is constantly changing and the mediums available to website users to view your site are changing just as quickly. Expectations also change depending on the device website visitors use to view your website. While on a PC, MAC, or laptop users expect an energetic and engaging website. Animations, images, and text are all at a premium and provide the rich user interaction most website visitors have come to expect.

However, when using a tablet or mobile device users expect a different type of experience. Content becomes more important with less of an emphasis on images and animations and the last thing any website user wants to do is have to zoom into your site to view content or have to scroll left or right to read your content.

Responsive web design becomes an essential part of your web users experience. By providing a seamless transition from different viewports, commonly referred to as screen resolution, your website is able to provide the best user experience for website visitors regardless of how they are viewing your site. RWD also allows you to maximize your search engine placements in Google and Bing by not requiring users to use a mobile only version of your website. This will allow you to fully track who is visiting your pages without having search engines track two different versions of your website.

At Spotlight Web Design we follow best practices when designing or redesigning your website, build our sites using HTML5 and CSS3, and take advantage of modern browser capabilities to provide a rich end user experience for all of your website visitors.

As more and more devices are released on the market working with a developer who specializes in responsive web design will allow you to maximize your website budget by providing the best user experience to every website visitor who takes the time to utilize your website.

Interested in learning more about how responsive web design can help you? Contact us today and we will review your website and provide you with an assessment of how mobile friendly your website is.