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Michael was essential to getting my e-commerce site, Affiliate Shirt Exchange, off the ground. In very short order, Michael understood my industry and my objectives and was able to become an integral part of the execution. Michael is very technically competent but what makes him a cut above the rest in his industry is his ability to embrace and share your passion for a project. This is an invaluable trait to have in a partner.

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custom wordpress development


What is itHow will it benefit meWhy do I need a blogging tool since my site is not a blog? All of these are excellent questions; questions Spotlight has answered during the course of our consultation process with clients. WordPress defines itself on the wordpress.org website with the following quote: “WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog. We like to say that WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time.”

To define this in layman’s terms, WordPress is a platform that can be used like software to build and develop websites. The core itself it is free so there is no need to purchase a license (think Microsoft Office or Windows 7) and this tool can be used for either blog or a feature rich website. This platform is designed to allow web users an easy, secure, and Search Engine friendly (SEO) web based software application to develop and maintain their website.

We have answered the “what” and the “why“, now, let’s answer the “how“. The nature of WordPress is to take content and provide an easy interface to submit text, posts, and web pages, and allow WordPress to take that information and create a web page for both web users and search engines. By taking text from a page, post, or update, and providing search engines with the information in a format they crave WordPress has made it easier to produce valuable website pages and content for website owners.

The best way to utilize WordPress is to take advantage of these features in a customized website. Allow a qualified developer to understand your workflow, needs, and business requirements and create a beautiful website that is easy to maintain, search engine friendly, and web user friendly. Customized WordPress development will combine the features you want while restricting the features that might clutter up your website.

worried about keeping wordpress up to date, or what plugins to use?

Spotlight offers all of our clients a maintenance plan that backs up your database (daily), updates and backs up your WordPress core install (monthly), and also updates WordPress plugins. We do this, so you don’t have to! We will also integrate your site with plugins you might not know about, in an effort to maximize page load speed, optimize your database, and most importantly block unwanted SPAM or Comments. These updates are vital to keeping your website online, running issue free, secured, and offer peace of mind that you are prepared just in case a hosting server ever fails.