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current services offered at spotlight web design

The following is a listing of the current services offered at Spotlight Web Design. The links below will take you to a page that will give detailed information about that service type as well as how it could benefit your website or web application. You can also contact us and ask for our free consultation.

custom wordpress development – As WordPress continues to evolve and change, it has come from being a powerful blogging tool, and turned into a powerful way to customize your site in a very Search Engine friendly way. Whether you want a custom design, or to simply integrate a quality theme, Spotlight can help.

content management / development – Esthetics and graphics are important to your web site, but Content is King! Effectively communicating your products or services to potential clients is the very reason you have a website! Content is also the main driver for search engines.

custom web development – Delivering cutting edge solutions at affordable prices, Spotlight Web Design is your web technology partner. We offer over twenty combined years of custom web design experience. Web is all we do, and we do it very well.

e-commerce – Do you have a product or service you want to sell online? Spotlight Web Design has over 10 years’ experience creating custom E-Commerce Solutions as well as integration of “Off The Shelf” shopping cart systems for our clients.

service and maintenance – Maintenance is an important part of your website and Spotlight Web Design offers a myriad of solutions for your business. In addition, Spotlight Web Design offers competitive pricing for our Updates, New Page, and Database / Advanced Development work.

search engine optimization – The goal of SEO is optimizing your website to enable discovery by search engines, analyzed to meet each search engine’s criteria, then indexed by each. Being indexed by any search engine is what will return your site when a specific search is entered. Make sure your website is seen!

custom web applications – Blogs, E-Commerce, Online Calendars, Custom Quoting forms are all integrated Web Applications. By working with a developer that can not only provide a website but also provide custom web applications to make your web site interactive, you provide a rich end user experience for you customers.

responsive web design – Responsive web design (RWD) becomes an essential part of your web users experience. By providing a seamless transition from different viewports, commonly referred to as screen resolution, your website is able to provide the best user experience for website visitors regardless of how they are viewing your site. Responsive web design also allows you to maximize your search engine placements in Google and Bing by not requiring users to use a mobile only version of your website.