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From the very beginning Michael was thorough on every aspect of our new website. He never missed a beat and always returned to us all information needed as quickly as possible. Not only is Michael super polite and pleasant to work with, he made every part of the process as easy as possible so I did not have to spend too much time from my every day work to get things done. When he said he was going to deliver a part of the project he delivered it right then! He went above and beyond for our organization and even managed to please my 25 board members!!!!

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mccready health hr / employment portal launch

Spotlight Web Design is pleased to announce the recent addition of the hr employment portal to McCready Health’s existing website. The new portal will allow staff at McCready Health to add employment opportunities as they become available, remove filled positions, and manage the hr portal through their existing website.

The new hr employment portal was customized to meet the needs of McCready Health’s HR department, and Spotlight worked to ensure the application process, application form, resume upload, delivery routing, and system met all of the HR department’s needs. The new portal is a fully customized integration through their existing site so users are not directed to a third party site or vendor to complete the application process.

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