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I have hired many web experts over the last ten years. Michael Giordano is quite easily the best of all. He is is an honest man who provides excellent work at reasonable prices and completes his work in a timely fashion. I cannot recommend any person that has worked for HirePatriots more highly than Michael Giordano.

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about spotlight web design

Here at Spotlight Web Design, we focus on new technologies and specialize in building interactive, easy to use websites for our clients. A clean, well-built website is the first introduction you will make to online-savvy future clients and Spotlight will partner with you to provide the best introduction possible.

Spotlight Web Design offers over ten years of custom web design, custom web application development, product management, and project management. Web is ALL that we do, and we do it very well. By including content management solutions, custom web applications, e-commerce solutions, and integration of widely accepted search engine optimization techniques, we offer robust and highly customizable solutions to our clients. We focus on new technologies and specialize in building interactive websites for our clients.

We can also support your current web site and web hosting solutions. Spotlight Web Design will never re-sell you a service that we pass off as our own. Too many businesses have had a “bad web developer” experience and our goal is to never fall into that category for any of our clients. Honesty, Integrity, and Knowledge are three of the most important traits we want when dealing with any business and those are the three most important traits we will provide to ALL of OUR clients.

Spotlight Web Design realizes how hard it is to get customers to your website and once they are there, our mission is to provide all of the web tools they need to learn about YOUYOUR PRODUCT, or YOUR SERVICES. A clean, well-built website might be the first impression you make on any new or future client and Spotlight Web Design will work with you to provide the best introduction possible.

Spotlight Web Design specializes in custom web solutions for small to medium sized businesses, offering you the technological expertise usually reserved for the Fortune 500. As a small business ourselves, we keep our overhead lower than most division-driven IT shops, enabling us to offer the most competitive pricing for top quality work.

More than a vendor – Spotlight Web Design will be your partner, building the website that best facilitates your needs, large or small. We firmly believe that we are only successful as our clients and therefore strive to be part of your team as your on-call Web Developer. Offering both custom design and maintenance, we are as equally vested in the success of your website as you are. We will be available as often as you need us and can work with you to perform tasks ranging from daily updates, major site overhaul, large and small projects, streamlining your website to work more efficiently for you, and lastly finding ways to increase your ROI.